Voter’s Guide

MPR News, in collaboration with the League of Women Voters of Minnesota, is providing this voter guide to let you compare candidates and their positions on key issues in the 2020 election. You can build your ballot before voting. Have questions leading up to the Election Day? #AskMPRNews.

Data on voting is some of the most sensitive data around, so we want to take a moment to explain to you what data we have and collect, and how we use and do not use that data.

E.thePeople's principle is to use your personal data only to improve your experience on the site. There is no 'bait and switch', in which we ask for information for one purpose and then use it for another.

Here is the information we collect about you in the course of your usage of the site and why we collect it:
  • Visit Data.
    When you use this voter guide, we collect certain information automatically, including the IP address of the server you are accessing the Internet through, the type of browser you are using, the site that referred you to this voter guide, and the pages you visit while on the site. This data allows us to assess the performance of the site and of various pages within the site.
  • Street Address (optional).
    You can optionally enter your street address and ZIP code to find the races you are eligible to vote in. When you do this, we store this information so that you can construct a customized MyBallot to print out or send to yourself via email.
  • Email Address (optional).
    You can optionally enter your email address to have a copy of your MyBallot emailed to yourself.
  • Candidate Preferences (optional).
    You can optionally mark your candidate preferences using MyBallot.

E.thePeople is committed to using this data in a way that protects your privacy. In particular:
  1. We will not use the information you reveal to us to market any products or services to you, nor will we allow any third parties to market any products or services to you. This means you will not receive unsolicited email, phone calls, or mail as a result of your use of the voter guide.
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  4. Any information we share with third parties will be summarized data that tells them about site wide usage patterns (e.g., how many people used the tool, which pages were most popular, etc.), and not about you specifically.
  5. Should the terms of this privacy policy change, we will post those changes here on a timely basis.

We want to hear your stories, too. #TellMPRNews what is motivating you to get out and vote this year.

The League of Women Voters of Minnesota, in consultation with MPR News, crafted the questions sent to the candidates in June 2020.

The League of Women Voters of Minnesota reached out to candidates based on contact information in their public candidate filings. Candidates with email addresses were invited and reminded with emails. Candidates with only mailing addresses were sent a letter. Candidates with phone numbers received a phone call as well.

Candidate responses are published as they responded and have not been edited, except when responses were longer than the given character limit. In those cases, the responses are truncated.

Vote411 is brought to you by the League of Women Voters Education Fund and League of Women Voters of Minnesota Education Fund. The League of Women Voters does not support or oppose any political party or candidate for office.