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Ada County Treasurer

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    Elizabeth "Beth" Mahn

Biographical Information

What education and experience do you have to prepare you to be a county treasurer?

What would you like to accomplish as a county treasurer?

What challenges does the Treasure Valley's current growth pose to your office? How will you solve those?

What is needed to keep your office effective and efficient over the next 10 years?

What is one thing voters should understand about this office that they perhaps don't?

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Age 46
Education Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting major), Juris Doctor
Prior political experience None
Civic involvement Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts Committee and Ask-a-Lawyer (Idaho State Bar). Public elementary school and daycare room parent and volunteer.
Years living in Idaho 39 years
Family I am a third generation Idahoan devoted to family and raising two young boys. Together we support local community events, from performing arts to exploring the great outdoors. Our family recently celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.
I am a proud product of Idaho public schools: graduate of Boise High School, Bachelor of Science in Business (Accounting major) degree from the University of Idaho College of Business and Economics, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Idaho College of Law. Growing up in Boise, I worked in my family’s locally-owned business and learned the value of hard work and fiscal responsibility. Following college graduation, I developed accounting best practices as an auditor for an international public accounting firm. After earning my law degree, I clerked for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court during the Great Recession and then served as an Ada County Deputy Prosecutor on civil matters, including property tax collections. In 2016, my education and 20 years of professional experience culminated as I joined the Ada County Treasurer’s Office. By working in the Ada County Treasurer's Office, I gained first hand experience in engaging with taxpayers and staff and successfully implemented cost saving practices.
I will use my experience to implement innovative solutions that promote accountability, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. This requires collaboration with county offices and departments and a commitment to continuous improvement and utilization of technology. Property tax bills and notices will be revised to further educate taxpayers on the amounts due, due dates and payment methods. I will also make these documents more accessible electronically. Consulting with taxpayers and mortgage servicers, cost-effective collection practices and enhancements to electronic payment processing will be further implemented. In managing the investment portfolio, my top priority is safe investments while working closely with other county leaders to ensure those investments meet the liquidity demands of the county.
Like other public entities, the Ada County Treasurer faces an increase in the sheer volume of activity. Generating additional property tax bills and notices, processing more property tax payments and serving a growing population of taxpayers are among the key impacts. Implementing new technologies to ensure accurate and efficient tax collections and investment reporting are my top priorities. I will work with the county’s information technology department and vendors on software enhancements for payment processing. Promoting and educating taxpayers on electronic payment options such as ACH and eCheck will have my full attention and support. These cost saving solutions are convenient for taxpayers and promote the timely deposit of funds for safety and additional interest earnings.
Continuous improvement of business processes and the enhanced use of technology will keep the office effective and efficient. With my commitment to cost-effective software enhancements, the Ada County Treasurer’s Office will effectively manage the growing number of property tax bills, payments and inquiries. Implementing processes that make it convenient for taxpayers of multiple parcels to pay with a single payment will promote efficiency, as will additional online tools for taxpayers. Recognizing the unprecedented growth of Ada County, I will continue to collaborate with county leaders to make prudent investment decisions and effectively manage the county’s cash flows.
The Ada County Treasurer accounts for public funds and invests surplus funds in a portfolio of approximately $200 million. Daily cash flow analysis, as well as long-term financial planning, are vital to the Ada County Treasurer’s Office and its responsibility to taxpayers. The Ada County Treasurer also collects property taxes on behalf of the taxing districts that levy within Ada County. This requires the utmost coordination with other Ada County offices, the State and local vendors, along with extreme attention to detail. Our citizens deserve a leader who is knowledgeable with property tax collection laws and practices to ensure these funds are timely and accurately collected and distributed to the districts. The Ada County Treasurer also oversees the public administration of estates. In each of these roles, the Ada County Treasurer manages your public funds. Voters deserve a collaborative leader with years of proven experience in accounting, law, and business as their next Ada County Treasurer.