U.S. House, District 1

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    Steven G. Bailey (Rep) Business professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Louis Community College at Meramec

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    Lacy Clay (Dem) Congressman

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    Robb E. Cunningham (L) Musician

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What are the most important challenges facing the U.S. in foreign relations?

What would you do to support economic and job growth?

Age 60
Campaign website http://bailey4rep.org
Public Elected Offices Held None
Highest post-secondary education J.D., Southern Illinois University
Incumbent? (Yes or No) No
Our retreating profile as the leader of the free world creates a void into which the world's despots are traveling. We should have kept 30,000 troops in Iraq and we should have forced a treaty vote on the Iran arms treaty. The rise of Russia and China, whose navy the U.S. taxpayer is funding, as hegemonists without valid challengers threatens freedom everywhere.
Begin with school vouchers so more people have basic literacy, math and job skills. Lower taxes to permit people to drive growth; end Keynesism and ramp down the regulatory burdens for startups and others. Established businesses have the ears of politicians and the politicians have become the agents of big business to create barriers to entry as competitors.
Age 61
Campaign website http://www.lacyclay.org
Public Elected Offices Held State representative, 1983-1991; state senator, 1991-2001; U.S. representative, 2001-present
Highest post-secondary education B.S., University of Maryland, political science
Incumbent? (Yes or No) Yes
The United States is engaged in a worldwide struggle to defeat jihadist terrorism which threatens ourselves and our allies and to rally global action to combat climate change which threatens the viability of the planet in the long run. We cannot afford to shrink from either challenge.
I am the only candidate for Congress in the 1st District who has ever created or saved a job, including leading the federal effort to win the three-year competition for the new western headquarters of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency to be built in north St. Louis. This $1.75-billion victory, and the 3,100 jobs coming with it, is the largest federal investment.
Age 52
End the wars: defense, not offense. I am calling for an end to the Middle East war and the drug war concurrently. The drug war has killed more people than any amount of drugs ever have and the Middle East war has made us and Israel more unsafe than at any other time in history. I support defense not offense.
Jobs: People need work. Jobs, jobs, jobs. The minimum wage has sent jobs to China, increased inflation and hurt small businesses. Making $15 an hour is worthless if a bottle of Coke goes up to $10 and a Big Mac is $20. Inflation is the real problem and the only real way to logically maintain a minimum wage is by cities and towns regulating themselves.