Welcome to the WHYY 2018 Voter Guide produced in association with the League of Women Voters. Our voter guide provides you an interactive way to examine each of the key races on the ballot throughout the region on November 6. Catch up on WHYY's ongoing election coverage for the latest news. It also allows you to compare each of the candidates side-by-side, helping you to make a more informed decision when it comes time to vote. Clicking the checkbox next to the candidate will compile all of your selections into your own virtual ballot, and move you to the next race. Enter your email or phone number and it will be texted or emailed to you. From there you will have the chance to print a paper version as well.

* All of the information contained in the guide was collected by the League of Women Voters via survey from each of the candidates. Missing information or photographs were not provided by the campaigns.

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E.thePeople is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is the nation’s leading provider of interactive voter guide software. Every election year, e.thePeople software powers hundreds of in-depth online voter guides for local, state, and national elections. E.thePeople software is used by an expanding network of partners, including the League of Women Voters, AARP, and scores of respected local media companies. E.thePeople is funded from licensing revenue from its proprietary software as well as grants from individuals and foundations, including the Knight Foundation and the Gannett Foundation.

E.thePeople’s mission is to make it easier for everyone to be a great citizen. E.thePeople prepares voters to make informed voting decisions in just minutes with an intuitive application that guides voters step-by-step through their ballot. Voters enter their street address and are provided with informative summaries about the candidates and ballot initiatives—from congressional to school board  elections—based upon where they live. Voters can study and compare candidate positions on key issues, review referenda, mark their preferences, save their choices in a range of formats (print, text message, etc.), and share their preferences through social media.

Our partners bring local knowledge about issues and races plus credibility within their communities. Candidates have the opportunity to provide information in their own words. E.thePeople provides the software, data management, training, and technical support so our partners can easily manage multiple races, communicate with candidates, and offer personalized voting information to the public via mobile and desktop platforms. More than 15 million people have visited our voter guides since 2004.  

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