Welcome to the WHYY 2018 Voter Guide produced in association with the League of Women Voters. Our voter guide provides you an interactive way to examine each of the key races on the ballot throughout the region on November 6. Catch up on WHYY's ongoing election coverage for the latest news. It also allows you to compare each of the candidates side-by-side, helping you to make a more informed decision when it comes time to vote. Clicking the checkbox next to the candidate will compile all of your selections into your own virtual ballot, and move you to the next race. Enter your email or phone number and it will be texted or emailed to you. From there you will have the chance to print a paper version as well.

* All of the information contained in the guide was collected by the League of Women Voters via survey from each of the candidates. Missing information or photographs were not provided by the campaigns.

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  1. A
    1. Donald M. Allan Jr. (Dem)
    2. Albert John Ament (Rep)
    3. David Levi Anderson (Rep)
    4. Robert B Arlett (Rep)
      candidate for Delaware U.S. Senate
  2. B
    1. David B Baker (Dem)
    2. Lou Barletta (Rep)
      candidate for US Senator
    3. Stephanie Barry (Dem)
    4. Jeff Bartos (Rep)
      candidate for Lieutenant Governor
    5. Paul S. Baumbach (Dem)
    6. William Benfer (O)
    7. Andria Leigh Bennett (Dem)
    8. David S Bentz (Dem)
    9. Lawrence Berlinski (Cons)
    10. Stephanie T. Bolden (Dem)
    11. Colin Bonini (Rep)
    12. Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (Grn)
      candidate for Lieutenant Governor
    13. Brendan F Boyle (Dem)
    14. Gerald L. Brady (Dem)
    15. Eric Braunstein (Rep)
    16. Darius Brown (Dem)
    17. John D. Bucchioni (Dem)
    18. William Bush (Dem)
  3. C
    1. Thomas R Carper (Dem)
      candidate for Delaware U.S. Senate
    2. William J. Carson Jr. (Dem)
    3. Bob Casey, Jr. (Dem)
      candidate for US Senator
    4. David B Chandler (Grn)
    5. Nnamdi O Chukwuocha (Dem)
    6. Bonnie Watson Coleman (Dem)
    7. Richard G. Collins (Rep)
    8. S. Bradley Connor (Dem)
    9. Franklin D Cooke Jr. (Dem)
    10. Justin Cruice (Rep)
  4. D
    1. Dan David (Rep)
    2. Colleen C. Davis (Dem)
    3. Madeleine Dean (Dem)
    4. James L DeMartino (Rep)
    5. Paul E. Dilks (Rep)
    6. William W. Dilks Sr. (Rep)
    7. Sherry Dorsey Walker (Dem)
    8. Timothy D. Dukes (Rep)
  5. E
    1. Dwight Evans (Dem)
  6. F
    1. Steven Fenichel (TFT)
    2. John Fetterman (Dem)
      candidate for Lieutenant Governor
    3. Brian Fitzpatrick (Rep)
    4. Tricia Flanagan (ND)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    5. Nadine M Frost (L)
      candidate for Delaware U.S. Senate
  7. G
    1. Neal Gale (Grn)
      candidate for US Senator
    2. Scott Gesty (L)
    3. Paul Glover (Grn)
      candidate for Governor
    4. Wendy W. Goetz (THE)
    5. Guillermina Gonzalez (Dem)
    6. Josh Gottheimer (Dem)
    7. Ronald E. Gray (Rep)
    8. Krista Griffith (Dem)
    9. Charles Groce (Dem)
    10. Seth Grossman (Rep)
  8. H
    1. Paul Hamlin (WDB)
    2. Stephanie Hansen (Dem)
    3. Robin R Hayes (Rep)
    4. Debra Heffernan (Dem)
    5. Kevin S. Hensley (Rep)
    6. William Hinds (L)
    7. Madelyn R. Hoffman (Grn)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    8. Chrissy Houlahan (Dem)
    9. Deborah Hudson (Rep)
    10. Bob Hugin (Rep)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
  9. J
    1. Earl G. Jaques Jr. (Dem)
    2. Kathleen Jennings (Dem)
    3. Monique Johns (Dem)
    4. Kendra Johnson (Dem)
    5. S. Quinton Johnson IV (Dem)
  10. K
    1. Mohammad Kabir (YVH)
    2. Daniel Kapitanic (Rep)
    3. Meghan M Kelly (Dem)
    4. Dale R Kerns Jr (L)
      candidate for US Senator
    5. Andy Kim (Dem)
    6. Pearl Kim (Rep)
    7. Kevin Kimple (MIS)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    8. Justin King (Rep)
    9. Ruth Briggs King (Rep)
    10. Daryl Kipnis (Rep)
    11. John A. Kowalko (Dem)
    12. Ken V Krawchuk (L)
      candidate for Governor
    13. Adewunmi Kuforiji (Dem)
  11. L
    1. Leonard Lance (Rep)
    2. Gregory F. Lavelle (Rep)
    3. Bryan E Leib (Rep)
    4. Elizabeth S Lockman (Dem)
    5. Valerie Longhurst (Dem)
    6. Ernesto B. Lopez (Rep)
    7. Sean M. Lynn (Dem)
  12. M
    1. Tom MacArthur (Rep)
    2. Tom Malinowski (Dem)
    3. Sean Matthews (Dem)
    4. John J. McCann Jr. (Rep)
    5. Greg Mccauley (Rep)
    6. Kathleen K McGuiness (Dem)
    7. Cody Ryan McNutt (L)
    8. William McVay (L)
    9. Gregg Mele (FRA)
    10. Robert Menendez (Dem)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    11. Amy Merlino (L)
    12. Christine Metzing (Rep)
    13. Charlotte Middleton (Rep)
    14. Melissa Minor-Brown (Dem)
    15. John L. Mitchell Jr. (Dem)
    16. W Shannon Morris (Rep)
    17. Diane Moxley (Grn)
  13. N
    1. Donald W. Norcross (Dem)
    2. Marty Nothstein (Rep)
  14. O
    1. Jeffrey Olmstead (Rep)
    2. John Ordille (L)
    3. Edward S. Osienski (Dem)
  15. P
    1. Frank Pallone Jr. (Dem)
    2. W. Charles "Trey" Paradee (Dem)
    3. Anthony Parisi Sanchez (CBB)
    4. Bernard V Pepukayi Sr (Rep)
    5. Richard Pezzullo (Rep)
    6. Louisa Phillips (Dem)
    7. Charles S Postles Jr. (Rep)
    8. Cheryl Precourt (Rep)
    9. James A Purcell (Dem)
  16. R
    1. Michael J. Ramone (Rep)
    2. Bryan K Rash (Rep)
    3. Brian J. Reynolds (CTC)
    4. Bryant L. Richardson (Rep)
    5. Natalie Lynn Rivera (FTP)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    6. Lisa Blunt Rochester (Dem)
    7. Michael Rufo (L)
  17. S
    1. Murray Sabrin (L)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    2. Mary Gay Scanlon (Dem)
    3. Hank Schroeder (EG)
      candidate for U.S. Senate
    4. Peter C. Schwartzkopf (Dem)
    5. Raymond Seigfried (Dem)
    6. Robert Shapiro (L)
    7. Daniel B. Short (Rep)
    8. Bryan W. Shupe (Rep)
    9. Tim Silfies (L)
    10. Kenneth Simpler (Rep)
    11. Christopher H. Smith (Rep)
    12. Kathleen S. Smith (L)
      candidate for Lieutenant Governor
    13. Michael F Smith (Rep)
    14. Harry R Smouse Jr (L)
    15. Stephen T. Smyk (Rep)
    16. James Spadola (Rep)
    17. Jeffrey N. Spiegelman (Rep)
    18. Edward C. Stackhouse Jr. (ETB)
    19. James R Startzman Jr. (Rep)
    20. Felicia Stoler (TIC)
    21. Laura Sturgeon (Dem)
  18. T
    1. Demitri G Theodoropoulos (Grn)
      candidate for Delaware U.S. Senate
    2. Paul A Thornburg (Dem)
    3. David Torres (Rep)
    4. James Tosone (L)
    5. Bryan Townsend (Dem)
  19. V
    1. Jeff Van Drew (Dem)
    2. Jesse R. Vanderwende (Rep)
    3. John J. Viola (Dem)
  20. W
    1. Scott R Wagner (Rep)
      candidate for Governor
    2. Scott Walker (Rep)
    3. Scott Wallace (Dem)
    4. James Todd Webb (Dem)
    5. Joshua Welle (Dem)
    6. Robert C Wheatley (Dem)
    7. Erin L Wienner (Rep)
    8. Susan Wild (Dem)
    9. Kimberly Williams (Dem)
    10. David L. Wilson (Rep)
    11. Tom Wolf (Dem)
      candidate for Governor
  21. Y
    1. Lyndon Dean Yearick (Rep)
    2. Allen Yusufov (TFC)
  22. Z
    1. Daniel Zitofsky (Rep)